Our Consulting Services
GK Partners' consulting services include the strategy, evaluation, analysis, design, implementation, documentation and communication of corporate and business unit executive compensation and incentive pay programs in all industries (including the manufacturing, consumer, finance, energy, technology and service sectors):

Salary Reviews and Annual Incentive Plans
Proxy analysis and other competitive survey reviews
Management and professional employee bonus plans
Variable pay programs
Long Term Performance-Based Cash Incentives
Multi-year strategic incentives
Performance Unit plans
Profitsharing opportunities
Stock Option Plans - Non-Qualified Stock Options, Incentive Stock Options, Price-Vested Stock Options, Option Replacement Plans
Other Long-Term Equity-Based Incentives - Restricted Stock Plans, Performance Shares Plans, Phantom Equity Plans
Strategic Situation (Cash and Equity) Incentive Plans
Mergers and acquisitions consulting
Initial public offerings
Leveraged transactions  
Deferred Compensation Plans
Key Employee Retention Programs
Special investment opportunities
Deferred income and capital accumulation plans
Supplemental retirement income (funded and unfunded)
Employment, Severance and Consulting Agreements
Outside Directors' Compensation Programs
Retainers and meeting fees
Stock plans
Retirement and other benefits
Consulting arrangements
Corporate Governance and the Compensation Committee
Organization and functioning of the Compensation Committee
Shareholder consideration of compensation actions
          Board approvals and recordkeeping

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
Compensation program audits
Employment contract reviews
Analysis of competitiveness and reasonableness

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