GK Partners:  Experts in executive and directors' pay for public and private companies of all sizes

GK Partners is a New York-based executive compensation consulting firm focused on US and global issues of performance-driven and equity-based compensation at the senior management, professional employee and Board levels. We are an independent and objective professional resource, and are committed to the best principles of corporate governance and accountability.

We are also an experienced group of senior management advisors, compensation analysts and research associates skilled in compensation design and administration, organizational development and management assessment. The compensation specialists at GK Partners have successfully served over four hundred and fifty publicly and privately-held client companies during the last twenty years.

This website will give you an understanding of our consulting philosophy, services, methods and clients.  As a specialized professional services firm, we offer our clients the benefits of our knowledge and experience
on a time-sensitive and cost-effective basis. We are committed to adding value through the "creative application of proven management compensation and incentive pay concepts and techniques".  

Throughout our twenty years in management consulting, we have gained
a reputation for quality, integrity and unsurpassed dedication to the best interests of our clients and their shareholders.  

We are confident that GK Partners can be of service to you and your organization.

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